What part does a Physiotherapist play in Golf?

When a golfer is either recovering from an injury and looking to return to to pre-injury level performance or is simply looking to maintain their current level of performance while minimizing the risk of injury, a physiotherapist is integral in both the preventative and rehabilitative component of that individual’s journey.

What makes golf physiotherapy different than other sport therapy?

Our Physiotherapist, Robin Valadares, has spent the majority of his career working with golfers at various skill levels. Not only does he have clinical experience working with golfers, but he has been trained through the Titleist Performance Institute both in Canada and the United States. (Link to Instagram handle: @robvalphysio)

What is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)?

TPI was created to teach its practitioners, professionals and coaches the importance of proper body mechanics in relation to the golf swing. The institute aims to train golfers to move their body efficiently to increase performance and prevent injury.

Why should I care?

Do not take our word for it, just look at any major PGA tournament leaderboard and you will see the results

As of early 2020

18/20 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI certified expert

22 of the Top 30 Golfers in the world are advised by a TPI certified expert

47 of Golf Digest’s top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals are TPI Certified or TPI Advisory Board Members


How do I get Started and what is involved?

In order to proper assess a baseline level of movement, a TPI screen will be completed. Those results, in conjunction with previous medical history, current physical limitations and future playing goals, will be used to develop a treatment plan.

**It is important to note, that the physiotherapy program is not designed to make you better (score lower) golfer. Instead, it is designed to keep you healthier and injury free. To improve your physical fitness and on course scoring we will refer you to local TPI experts (Fitness, Junior and Golf Professionals)

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